Elementary School Resources

Looking for an alternative to TV time? Here are some online resources that other Nisky parents have found that are fun or educational.

  • starfall.com - [pre-k up] recommended by Rosendale teachers, has fun word and letter games for pre-k through early grades. Fun graphics, easy to navigate.
  • Custom bingo game [any level] - used by a Rosendale parent to make custom bingo games.
  • Sesame street - [pre-k -> I'm not ashamed to admit I still like it] - explanation unnecessary.
  • Montessori Materials - [any level] - many free and low-cost Montessori materials, quite a few of which can be used online.
  • NASA - [Specifically for k-4 here, 5-8 here] - great images, lots to learn.
  • PBS Kids - [any age] - familiar characters, fun games. Hopefully your kids will spend more time with Mr. Rogers than Barney, but that's the chance we take.
  • Timed Math facts - [any age] - gotten a lot of use out of this one.
For iPhone/iPad/similar
  • Montessorium - [pre-k -> 2nd or 3rd] - number games that my kids loved, they also have a similar letter games.
  • TeachMe Games - [pre-k -> 2nd or 3rd] - fun spelling and letter games with virtual coins and prizes to keep kids interested. Good for learning readers.
  • Dr. Seuss books on the go - [any age!] - just like the originals, with the option to have them read to the child, supported reading or independent reading. They also have Berenstein Bears, Tacky, Little Critters and more.
  • Disney Digital Books - [any age] - fun, interactive books with integrated puzzles. My kids have the Winnie the Pooh puzzle game and like it more than seems reasonable.
Send suggestions. Please include a link, brief description and age/grade/skill-range.