Online Educational Resources

Looking for an alternative to TV time? Here are some online resources that other Rosendale parents have found that are fun or educational.

Online - [pre-k up] recommended by Rosendale teachers, has fun word and letter games for pre-k through early grades. Fun graphics, easy to navigate.
Custom bingo game [any level] - used by a Rosendale parent to make custom bingo games.
Sesame street - [pre-k -> I'm not ashamed to admit I still like it] - explanation unnecessary.
Montessori Materials - [any level] - many free and low-cost Montessori materials, quite a few of which can be used online.
NASA - [Specifically for k-4 here, 5-8 here] - great images, lots to learn.
PBS Kids - [any age] - familiar characters, fun games. Hopefully your kids will spend more time with Mr. Rogers than Barney, but that's the chance we take.
Timed Math facts - [any age] - gotten a lot of use out of this one.

For iPhone/iPad/similar
Montessorium - [pre-k -> 2nd or 3rd] - number games that my kids loved, they also have a similar letter games.
TeachMe Games - [pre-k -> 2nd or 3rd] - fun spelling and letter games with virtual coins and prizes to keep kids interested. Good for learning readers.
Dr. Seuss books on the go - [any age!] - just like the originals, with the option to have them read to the child, supported reading or independent reading. They also have Berenstein Bears, Tacky, Little Critters and more.
Disney Digital Books - [any age] - fun, interactive books with integrated puzzles. My kids have the Winnie the Pooh puzzle game and like it more than seems reasonable.

Send suggestions. Please include a link, brief description and age/grade/skill-range.